What’s Trending 2019

What’s Trending in Events

Thursday 12th December 2019, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Scotland

Following on from the success of our inaugural What’s Trending in
Events in 2018 we are delighted to announce that we are returning to
Dynamic Earth on Thursday 12th December with
What’s Trending in Events 2019

Trends in the events industry are constantly evolving and with
2020 around the corner, what better time to be ahead of the curve.
Find out about all the latest industry trends, tips and techniques
that will enhance your events toolkit for the year ahead.
Join world-leading events industry trends forecasters
and cutting-edge events technologists.

We are looking for the top team of players in the events industry in
Scotland to join us for a fully-immersive and inspiring day of training
and education. Have a good look at last year’s agenda and you
will want to attend this year’s What’s Trending.

For more information on how you can introduce a workstream
or topic of your choice or sponsor and present at one of the four workstreams below,
please mail judith@eventit.org or call 0131 3574471

Conference Format

The format of this year’s event will be similar to that of 2018.
The plenary session will have three fantastic keynote speakers  
followed by breakout sessions which will run for the rest of the day.

Last year we were joined by world-leading events industry trends
forecasters and cutting-edge events technologists who were presenting
together for the first time in Scotland. We will secure an equally high
level of speakers at this year’s 2019 conference

Take a look at the four trending themes