Learning Zone 2019

Event professionals are hungry for knowledge, the chance to discuss current topics with their peers and to gain inspiration from leading global industry gurus. Building on from the success of 2018, EventIt 2019 will feature four key areas, offering practical advice, inspiration and debate on the most relevant topics and issues in the events sector.

Our schedule is currently being finalised for 2019. Below you will find the four key areas and subjects proposed for our 2019 shedule:



  1. VR
  2. Facial Recognition
  3. AI
  4. Registration platforms
  5. Technology panel



  1. Team building
  2. Social media
  3. Transport
  4. Collaboration
  5. Wifi



  1. Security
  2. Ticketing
  3. Technology/Staffing
  4. Catering
  5. Sustainability



Event Trends

  1. Event format
  2. Well being
  3. Event experience
  4. Theming
  5. Wow factor



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