Macon Resources | Hospitality Division

At Macon Resources|Hospitality division, we understand that reliability is the key to building long lasting relationships.

This is why, you can guarantee, we will always strive to do our best when it comes to providing your organisation with temporary staffing solutions.

Whether you are looking for a KP for just one shift, or a team of people to run a weekend of events for you, we can assist and have a variety of experienced hospitality professionals available, across Scotland, to help out at any notice.

Our Hospitality Division Management Team are all of the industry background with our Business Development Manager, Nikki Mathieson, having an impressive 22 years’ experience working in various 4 and 5 star establishments over the years, mostly at Managerial Level. This experience within the team means you can be confident we know what we are looking for when hiring staff and will only place the highest calibre of people into your business.

Macon Resources|Hospitality Division will work with you to ensure we fully understand your business needs and we will take the time out to get to know you as an employer.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you, contact Nikki Mathieson, 07824 392 980,

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